Gluten and Casein free diet


Since Oliver has been on the gluten and casein free diet we feel that the changes in him have been remarkable.  He now has a bowel movement every day instead of once a week and because he is not so uncomfortable he is less lethargic.  He wants to do more physical things like playing on the trampoline and the swing, whereas previously he spent much of his time sitting down in front of the TV or PC.

Also, because Oliver is more comfortable in his stomach he is sleeping better.  He always seemed to be waking with stomach pains before the diet but now he is sleeping longer (it is wonderful for the whole family!).

Oliver is now talking a lot more, speaking in proper sentences and making valid spontaneous and funny comments.  Even his Speech and Language Therapist has been astounded by his development and has said that Oliver is like a totally different child.

We do honestly feel that the gfcf diet has worked for Oliver, we are doing nothing else differently and nothing else has changed at home or school.  As long as these improvements remain we are happy to maintain the diet and feel that we would be doing him an injustice not to.

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