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still no apology from Tesco Upper Boat, update:we have a meeting with new iceland to offer vouchers to help with village boycott @Tesco
3 xmas parties & 1 birthday party today #magic #caerphilly #gwent
About to start the last show of the day @TheManorPenarth havnt been here for years #wedding #magician #penarth
Quick 30min, been working everyday, 9 shows over the weekend alone #magician #cardiff #gettingfitter
here i am on ITVdrama The Lost Honour #LostHonourOfChristopherJeffries on catch up in the beginning few minutes
Tesco Upperboat have still not apologised for accusing me and my family of fuel theft, Tesco are bullies #joincampaign #boycotttesco @tesco
RT @BBCXRay: We’re investigating the schemes that persuaded hundreds of people to transfer their pension money. 7:30PM @BBCWales http://t.c…
Crimbo shopping with my girls tnight but always have enough for a Big Issue #festive #charity #bigissue @BigIssue
A great night of entertaining wonderful guests @virginmedia @atmeventsuk @TheCelticManor
Amazing guests yet again at the Virgin awards night #virginawards #magician @TheCelticManor
@Tesco email already sent to that address on Friday but no reply, which sums up the Tesco strategy at the moment
@Tesco forward another email address please
Every year from December 2000 gets busier, December 2014 has smashed the record!! Thank you from my heart #sohappy
Tesco blunder update: letter to manager in post, kiosk rang and confirmed that it wasnt me! NO apology NO admittance of their error! @tesco
Another thank you text
Looking forward to the finished product tonight, BBC1 7.30pm @BBCXRay @RachelTWwales @PaulHawkins01 #nowyouseeit
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