School of Prayer

About the course

The School of Prayer is intended for those who realise the importance of prayer in their lives and are seeking a deeper relationship with God and support and encouragement in their search. It is not intended as an academic programme; the course will be mainly experiential. Participants will be invited to take an active part in spiritual conversation, workshops and small group sharing. It will also include essential reading, intended as a framework and support for the ongoing process of prayer, reflection and growth. For participants, it will offer the opportunity to be nourished by the rich treasures of Christian prayer with particular reference to the Carmelite tradition – and at the same time to explore their own prayer journey and share this experience with others.

Aspects of the Course

The course will include the following: experiential sessions in which aspects of Carmelite prayer in the mystical tradition of Elijah, St Teresa of Jesus, St John of the Cross, and St Thérèse of Lisieux will be explored. A wide range of themes will be offered, including:

  • Biblical Ways of Prayer
  • Models of Prayer
  • Difficulties in Prayer
  • Aids to Prayer
  • Invitation to Prayer
  • Ways of Praying
  • Praying with the Scriptures
  • Listening to Silence
  • Contemplative Awareness
  • Meditation
  • Prayer and Life
  • Transformative Prayer


Individual prayer guidance will be offered as an essential part of the School of Prayer, and the Week of Individually Guided Prayer will be an integral part of the course.

Course Requirements

The School of Prayer is open to all who wish to deepen their experience and knowledge of prayer and to explore the journey of prayer with others. One does not need to be a Carmelite or even know much of Carmelite spirituality to be part of the programme. All that is necessary is a commitment to one’s prayer life and a heartfelt desire to draw from the rich tradition of Carmelite spirituality in deepening one’s prayer experience.

2020 School of Prayer dates and Details

Check back here for dates and booking details for our 2020 course.